GEC Cities Challenge

Each year, the GEC ( is designed to help participants see how collaborative communities around the world can help entrepreneurs in their efforts to launch and scale. The 2015 GEC in Milan wants to showcase how entrepreneurship is effectively supported at the urban level.

Many say the best location to establish an entrepreneurial venture is where you can find talent. Others think that the best city to set up a new business is where the customers are. Some believe that the best location is where entrepreneurs can find investors who can help the startup grow. A more recent argument says that in today’s world, location does not really matter for things like reaching markets or investors, so the best location is where the entrepreneur simply enjoys living.

Do you think your city should be recognized for attracting entrepreneurs that are playing important roles in creating jobs, building economic resilience, and introducing innovative solutions that improve the competitiveness of your country at large?

You don’t need to be from proven places like San Francisco or London to nominate your city. The GEC Cities Challenge jury is especially interested in hidden treasures among second tier cities that are rapidly boosting entrepreneurship, attracting talent, and leveraging “public” assets, etc.

If your city has more than 50,000 inhabitants, and entrepreneurship is at its core, this is your chance to make it known to the world through a special appearance on the GEC program and/or an expo booth.